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Famed critic Roger Ebert called movies "empathy machines." At This Movie Club we follow that philosophy and use our open-group format to discuss and appreciate cinema as art, as entertainment, and as a view into the human experience.

See our digital magazine for exclusive musings on the monthly theme & our schedule for free screenings at the historic Electric Theater in Saint George .




Join the FMASU team and support the arts by directly working to build up

all aspects of cinema in Southern Utah.

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“This Movie Club has helped me to branch out and appreciate all kinds of different films that I never would have chosen to watch on my own."

- JOE H.

“Members are polite and friendly. I look forward to reading different points of view and opinions on each film; it is enriching."


“I've developed a greater appreciation for what goes into making a movie.  Many things I had never noticed before are now a part of how I see and judge a film.  All-in-all, movie watching has become a more rewarding experience."



Join us on our journey through film history and cinema literacy with either of our two compelling programs:


This Movie Club: HQ Southern Utah

We are very pleased to launch our very first live and large version of the club. Movies in the cinema - as they were meant to be seen. Everyone is welcome to our weekly curated screenings - with special expert introductions and post-watch chats. Admission is 100% free with great food from local restaurants available for purchase. 


This Movie Club: International 

This Movie Club has been living on its member-driven Facebook Group for six years. Movies titles are selected through voting to match-up with monthly themes. All perspectives are welcomed and carefully crafted prompts & questions are posted to stimulate conversation. 

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Meet the Makers: 

FMASU is pleased to welcome Beau Stucki aboard as the lead curator for This Movie Club: HQ Southern Utah - now proudly a member of the FMASU family. 


Follow the links to read spotlight interviews with co-founders and co-admins Chris Bringhurst and Beau Stucki - including their favorite films. 

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