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Famed critic Roger Ebert called movies "empathy machines." At This Movie Club we follow that philosophy and use our open-group format to discuss and appreciate cinema as art, as entertainment, and as a view into the human experience.

See our digital magazine for exclusive musings on the monthly theme & our schedule for free screenings at the historic Electric Theater in Saint George .

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Join the FMASU team and support the arts by directly working to build up

all aspects of cinema in Southern Utah.

Contact for details. 


“This Movie Club has helped me to branch out and appreciate all kinds of different films that I never would have chosen to watch on my own."

- JOE H.

“Members are polite and friendly. I look forward to reading different points of view and opinions on each film; it is enriching."


“I've developed a greater appreciation for what goes into making a movie.  Many things I had never noticed before are now a part of how I see and judge a film.  All-in-all, movie watching has become a more rewarding experience."


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Join us on our journey through film history and cinema literacy with either of our two compelling programs:


This Movie Club: HQ Southern Utah

We are very pleased to launch our very first live and large version of the club. Movies in the cinema - as they were meant to be seen. Everyone is welcome to our weekly curated screenings - with special expert introductions and post-watch chats. Admission is 100% free with great food from local restaurants available for purchase. 


This Movie Club: International 

This Movie Club has been living on its member-driven Facebook Group for six years. Movies titles are selected through voting to match-up with monthly themes. All perspectives are welcomed and carefully crafted prompts & questions are posted to stimulate conversation. 

Follow This Movie Club on Social Media: 

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Meet the Makers: 

FMASU is pleased to welcome Beau Stucki aboard as the lead curator for This Movie Club: HQ Southern Utah - now proudly a member of the FMASU family. 


Follow the links to read spotlight interviews with co-founders and co-admins Chris Bringhurst and Beau Stucki - including their favorite films. 

Beau Stucki


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