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Located at the downtown St. George Library next to the St. George Art Festival

 88 W 100 S, St. George, UT 84770


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11 AM-- SHORTS BLOCK #2 --

In Shorts Block #2, audiences will be treated to an exciting collection of short films from around the world. We're proud to present a lineup of innovative and creative films, some of which have been made on minimal budgets. Our program includes music videos, animation, dramas, comedies, and more, each bursting with colorful and inspiring storytelling. Get ready to be impressed and enlightened by the ingenuity and creativity of these filmmakers. Join us for an unforgettable cinematic experience that will showcase the power of storytelling and the magic of cinema.

Trouble Still #1.JPG

“Trouble” (6 min) *Q&A (W/Filmmaker)

Directed By Ben Hurst

During the dying days of the Pony Express, this proof-of-concept finds a young girl and her family facing off against an unforeseen enemy while at a remote Wyoming-based outpost.


"Shiny Shiny" (6 min) *Q&A (W/Filmmaker) *Q&A (W/Filmmaker)

Directed By Jeff Sanders
A quirky tale of an axe-wielding individual who just wants to be understood.

The Sounds of the Outdoors Still #1.jpg

"The Sounds of the Outdoors" (6 min) *Q&A (W/Filmmaker)

Directed By Austin Schadewald
A couple on a camping getaway can’t seem to catch a break. 

Gilead Still #1.jpg

"Gilead" (6 min) *Q&A (W/Filmmaker)

Directed By Caleb Hatton
A man experiences an existential crisis in this experimental, expertly shot mood piece. 

Life Support.JPG

“Life Support” (5 min) *Q&A (W/Filmmaker)

Directed By Dan Fowlks and Sandi Catten
A moving drama about hitting rock bottom and finding support in the most unexpected of moments.

Heart of a Lion.jpg

“Heart of a Lion” (4 min)

Directed By Jake Clayson

A music video about courage and fortitude set to the musical stylings of Alex Boye.


"The Great New Depression" (4 min)

Directed By Will Kindrick
Set to a song by The Moth & the Flame, this effective music video creatively recalls the likes of “Where the Wild Things Are.”  

El Mono Still #2.JPG

“El Mono” (7 min)

Directed By Luis Fernando Puente and Lizde Arias

A magical tale of a young girl who discovers that socks, coins, and toys aren’t the only things that can easily be lost.

Photo 4 movie4.tif_.jpg

“Rustlers” (15 min)\

Directed By Rob York
A pair of modern-day cattle thieves find themselves in hot water in this authentic, funny, and thrilling tale of old-school justice. 


"Storm" (11 min)

Directed By Will Kindrick
An inventive, briskly-paced love story about fate set to the backdrop of technology. 

1 PM-- FILMMAKER PANEL: A conversation with filmmakers Ben Hurst, Joseph DeGoyler, and Barrett Burgin-

A discussion about the power and magic of filmmaking.


Cryo Still #1.JPG

Cryo” (1 hr 50 min)

Directed By Barrett Burgin
A crafty, thought-provoking sci-fi tinged whodunnit featuring a group of scientists who awake from cryo sleep in an isolated bunker only to discover that there might be a saboteur among them. 

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11 AM-- SHORTS BLOCK #1 --

In Shorts Block #1, audiences will be treated to a diverse collection of short films worldwide. We have a lineup of captivating stories that will inspire, move and entertain you. Our program includes student films, documentaries, animation, dramas, comedies, and more, offering a unique glimpse into different cultures, perspectives, and artistic expression. Get ready to be impressed and discover new voices in filmmaking that push the boundaries of storytelling. Join us for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Underdogs Still #1.JPG

"Underdogs" (17 min)

Directed By Alex Astrella

This award-winning documentary explores the bond between prison inmates and the canines that serve as their support animals.

Photo 2 2D778833-241E-4344-90B7-A5DDC1FB7EAF.jpg

"Dandelion" (15 min)

Directed By Paula Blanco Perez

An effectively abstract exploration into the life of a woman living with Alzheimer’s.

Photo 3 SIERRA_v020_1080p.5975.Still003.jpg

"Sierra" (15 min)

Directed By Sander Joon
This whimsical and altogether surreal animated short tells a father/son tale set to the backdrop of the car racing world.

Snowy Still #11.JPG

“Snowy” (12 min)

Directed By Alexander W. Lewis and Kaitlyn Schwalje
A gentle and affectionately offbeat mini-doc about a man and his unshakable bond with a pet turtle.

Bethesda Still #1.JPG

"Bethesda" (18 min)

Directed By Jennifer Baker
Beautifully shot with a stunning Utah wilderness serving as a backdrop, this student film finds a spiritual man fighting the elements and searching for his faith after tragedy strikes.

Traces Still #1.jpg

“Traces” (15 min)

Directed By Sébastien Pins

Over the seasons we follow a logger and his horse in the depths of the Ardennes forest and see him live his passion through the eyes of an odd young girl.

Raspberry Still #1.jpg

"Raspberry" (7 min)

Directed By Julian Doan
A moving story of grief, family, and death punctuated by honesty, pathos, and unexpected humor.

3:00 PM-- FEATURE BLOCK #1 --

Zero Gravity Still #2.jpg

"Zero Gravity" (1 hr 14 min)

Directed By Thomas Verrette 
This inspirational documentary follows a diverse group of middle school students from San Jose, CA as they compete in a nationwide tournament to code satellites aboard the International Space Station.

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