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The film festivals and community film series are so much fun, but FMASU began with the proviso that peer-to-peer education programs would be our main stock in trade. Film schools are truly

a magnificent way to hone your craft, but we feel that hands-on, artisan guidance is also

a viable learning resource (and at a fraction of the cost.)

Be assured that we pass the savings onto you,

our esteemed allies.

Over the next year, you will witness the implementation of peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities in the form of workshops and lectures, while also seeing us dial up the potential of our long-running GUERILLA FILMMAKING SERIES, expanding on the educational aspects of

this exciting program.

We ask that you consider donating to our cause to ensure that the FMASU Academy

has what it needs to become the incredible resource we have long envisioned.


We also ask that you stay tuned to witness us take these first exciting steps

toward giving this gift of love to the people of Southern Utah and beyond.

Let's tell some stories! 

Thank you,

The FMASU Founders



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